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Structural Steel Services

You can count on Redinger Steel Erectors to deliver the utmost customer service and value-driven results. We are a small company that will give our complete attention to each customer. We are put our name and reputation on every project; having proudly done so for over twenty-eight years.

Butch approaches all projects with wisdom and expertise and Josh brings an innovative approach to building as a second-generation iron worker. Our combined expertise allows RSEI to provide a valuable return on investment for all customers – from the general contractor all the way up to the owner. 

Our services include new construction, renovation, miscellaneous steel work, and ornamental detail work.

Redinger Steel foremen carry tablets in the field so that they can stay informed while on the site. Their tablets contain links to all drawings, safety manuals and documents, MSDS forms, and site-specific documentation. All employees are required to be current on MUST drug testing and safety module training as well as OSHA 30 hour training. All foremen on our crews are also CPR, First Aid, and AED certified through the American Red Cross. 

For more information on each of the services we provide please click on the individual services below for more details.

Birds Eye View of BJ's Brewhouse.jpg

Structural Steel Erection

Miscellaneous Door Canopy 2.jpeg

Miscellaneous Steel Services

UMRC Benson Stairs 4.jpeg

Stair & Railing Installation

reinforcing 2.jpeg

Structural Reinforcement


Welding Services

BJ Brew Keg Rack 2.jpeg

Ornamental Steel Installation

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