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Miscellaneous Steel Services

We install all types of miscellaneous steel, such as roof frames for RTU’s, bumper guards, door jambs and headers.  We also install support steel for wall and floor penetrations. We work on modification of existing structures and retrofitting buildings.  

Miscellaneous Door Canopy 2.jpeg
dumpster gates.jpeg
Miscellaneous Door Canopy 2.jpeg
Miscellaneous Interior Gate.jpeg
Total Comm Credit Union.jpg
Sparrow Clinton Roof Top Unit.jpeg
MSU Fairchild 3.JPG
MSU Fairchild 2.JPG
MSU Fairchild 2017.JPG
Roseville Library3.jpeg
Roseville Library2.jpeg
Roseville Library.jpeg
Howell Armory.JPG
Liv Co Carport3.jpeg
Armory In Progress.jpeg
Liv Co Carport 2.jpeg
Eddie V 2.jpeg
Eddie V2.jpg
Miscellaneous Floor Frame.jpeg
Canopy Holiday Inn.jpeg
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